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Re: crickets are chirping

Postby HalberKill » 19 Feb 2015, 21:37

Unions and capitalism are tools, a means to an end, and in of themselves are neither good nor bad, but can both be used for good and bad.

Either way, if anyone thinks unions lead to communism, I don't think they know what communism is, other than a buzzword for something they view as un-American.

It might be best to keep this place civil and limit current political discussions beyond the simple facts. A union in California is having a labor dispute that is very frustrating to all who want the spice to flow.
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Re: crickets are chirping

Postby Rick » 22 Mar 2015, 10:02

actually one quick add-on to this whole union nonsense, I come from a very big Union family (my mother spouts the union dogma like it is holy writ) unfortunately I have seen how the union is destroying itself and turning public opinion against it (CalPers anyone?), in California between unions and the anti-business stance of the California government, its no wonder businesses are fleeing this state, once upon a time the union used to be good, now it has been corrupted just like any government/corporate entity, several years ago in Southern California the grocer's union went on strike, my company was called in to do some cover work for the stores (yes you could say I was a scab, but hey I like paying my bills) me and my wife went as a team, we received our wages (hers $12 an hour, mine $15 an hour) $350 a week for a food allowance and out hotel stay at the extended stay of America, as I was down there considering what I was being paid I couldn't help but wonder what the hell they were paying the union employees? anyway this went on for awhile (me and my wife were there for a month), and all the strike accomplished was the union members were not happy they lost things due to being unable to pay the bills, were unable to go on vacations to the Bahamas and so forth, and they still ended up going with what the stores offered in the first place. so I'm happy for unions for being so stupid and allowing others the opportunity for work.

as for the port strike, they actually got some of their own union brothers and sisters from other groups to deal out since it was also effecting their jobs, the truckers union was not very happy since they could not do any work at all, unlike the grocer's strike where they can deliver the food so far.
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