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Re: Webstore has been Closed

Postby bvandewalker » 10 Nov 2015, 02:52

Jack007 wrote:Just a bit of FYI here guys..
Im at a library today and just 'learned' when I entered WF web address from their public computer, it redirected me to an automobile "factory" website. I only found my way back by going thru Google. So, that's another sign as someone previously said, "the curtain HAS come down" on WF. The only thing left will be the inevitable day we come back and get the response, "that website no longer exists" :cry: to pop up on the screen.

Well Jack I have good news and bad news for yea, I think there may be something wrong with your library's computer since I am able to find the site just fine. (I am using yahoo thru firefox, what did you use first?) and if the website was going away I think Paul would have mentioned it by now, also WGF is still a contractor so they need something for would be clients to get contact info from (in this day and age corporations have websites, even the ones that make stuff for other companies). ;)

Also please stop writing/speaking negative confessions into existence (which I know is hard to do sometimes :roll: ) but some believe that the power of life and death is in those things and from what I have seen and heard in the past I am inclined to agree with them :shock: , at the very least it isn't constructive and only adds bad wood to the rumor mill (which can be very destructive for mini companies :evil: ). (note I am saying this to every one not just you Jack)

Paul wrote:What kits will be carried by DFG are still being determined. A lot of depends on what price WGF China will be able to give DFG on the kits.

The WWII kits are the ones I can say with confidence will be offered by DFG. That's because there is still a bunch of inventory left for those kits in the US and its already been transferred to DFG's warehouse.

Okay, hope they do pick up the rest, you know I wonder if someone could kickstart a pickup of some sets (wish someone had done that for Rule of the Ring by Zvezda).

May I assume warlords is picking up the orcs and Rising Sun line? Any word on the Hammer of Gods and alien suns lines?
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Re: Webstore has been Closed

Postby coachB » 11 Nov 2015, 23:32

Howdy Yall,

I know the we store is closed now,but does anyone know how to purchase just the horses they used to sell as individual spruces? Or will Warlords sell them also?

Thanks for any help.
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Re: Webstore has been Closed

Postby Strawhat » 12 Nov 2015, 21:45

A good question. I had been hoping for a "final blowout" sale before things closed out. I'd probably have picked up another box of Vixens and Survivors before things were locked up.

Luckily, I picked up some horses during the last holiday sale.
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