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Thanks WGF

Postby EthanJT21 » 08 Mar 2014, 16:34

Just wanted to write a quick letter of thanks to WGF for providing what is in my humble opinion the best Dark Ages figures out there. I have in my collection around 5 manufacturers for Dark Ages in 28 and WGF outshines them all. The figures are VERY easy to customize, the poses are unique and you can get some very characterful ones. They made my SAGA life so much easier, and I ordered way more than I needed so I am currently in the process or converting them! Anyway, Thank-You Wargames Factory for making these excellent figures. You've made the period accessible and adaptable with these sets. Keep it up.

P.S. Make some Normans....
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Re: Thanks WGF

Postby Lonnie » 08 Mar 2014, 20:11

Thanks Ethan! Always good to have customers tell us we've done a good job. I've been watching Vikings and dying to get some of our Viking minis painted up but I'm so busy painting up 3 new unreleased sets (don't ask, I won't say what they are just yet but watch the News Section) that I can't spare the time until they're done. I probably would have started painting Viking earlier if I hadn't just caught up with the series 3-weeks ago in a marathon of season 1 catch-up watching. There are about 180-figures I've got to complete for these new sets (well, 160 as I've finished about 20 to war games table standard already) before I start up Vikings.
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Re: Thanks WGF

Postby tbopper1 » 21 Mar 2014, 00:51

While I would not rate WGF Dark Age line as the best plastics out there, they are the backbone of both my Viking and Saxon Saga army's. Lots of variety, they paint up well, and the price, make them an excellent buy.
@ Lonnie. Rejoice for help is here! Just pop some of your painting backlog in the mail to me and I will help get them done.
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Re: Thanks WGF

Postby crazyharborc » 21 Mar 2014, 18:24

Actually.......over all......I think some of WGF's (newer) miniatures ARE the best. I say that because I have learned to trim the necks a bit. A LOT of necks a bit.

Pricing IS a big factor. The minies I like the best are made by WGF. Vikings armoured and unarmoured. The Darth Vader look a likes (on my to buy list). I am slowly painting 3 boxes of WSS foot. The cavalry 5 boxes are done. The Saxon foot. Hey the first boxes of cav. Congratulations on using horses that were closer to correct instead of the size of horses that were not created (breed wise} until several hundred years later.

Well time for milk and cookies :D
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Re: Thanks WGF

Postby Eleven » 04 Apr 2014, 21:21

There can be no doubt that wgf is the best VALUE, even if they aren't the best quality. With wgf I can build a Viking horde of hundreds for the price of a paltry war and from another company and the quality is good enough.
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Re: Thanks WGF

Postby Eleven » 04 Apr 2014, 21:32

Here are some Vikings I painted up. I think they are pretty solid.

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Re: Thanks WGF

Postby Lord_Bryon » 07 Apr 2014, 08:17

I like the look of these Eleven. Sadly I've not puchased any of these yet. I have a plan for some in the future but my wife says I have to finnish a couple of the projects already sitting on the table first.
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Re: Thanks WGF

Postby bvandewalker » 25 Apr 2014, 02:51

I don't know what you guys are talking about. After having bought some huscarls along with the three need to buy samurai infantry sets I can say that putting the Vikings together was one of the most painless plastic model I have put together and are a good quality sculpts for what they are even with the long necks (which are not even that big a problem given their design). I really liked the open hands which I didn't have to jimmy open with a knife.
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Re: Thanks WGF

Postby Luoshangzhi » 26 Apr 2014, 02:21

Having built Amazons, Persians, and Shock Troopers, I can concur with that assessment of just how easy it is to build WF figures, even at my advancing age where my visual acuity and hand/eye coordination is not what it used to be! :lol:
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Re: Thanks WGF

Postby Jack007 » 31 May 2014, 14:12

Luoshangzhi wrote:Having built Amazons, Persians, and Shock Troopers, I can concur with that assessment of just how easy it is to build WF figures, even at my advancing age where my visual acuity and hand/eye coordination is not what it used to be! :lol:

First your preaching to the (getting oldER) choir. It can be so frustrating cant it? :x

Though I have built none of the above, I have a true love of WGF Zulus, as I mentioned in other threads have completed 60 (3 - 20 fig regt) and another full box yet to begin. I rarely get to my Colonial British for the very reasons *Luo menitioned above.
"When" I do get around to working on the hobby these days its on my D A Fantasy Project. I use a mix of Viking and Saxon, armored and unarmored. I have always had a 'love/hate' feeling towards chainmail. I 'love' the look when I can get it just right (now days, Im happy with pretty good), but I "hate" trying to get that lite touch, that makes all the difference.

Those look really great. I think you did a bang up job on those guys. You will hear me say this a lot. Please share more when/ if you get the chance. I always love to see what others are doing with their miniatures and looking for ideas to 'borrow'. :D
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