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Postby Jack007 » 28 Oct 2014, 17:32

Mac wrote: Barefoot screaming Ladies From Hell! That's a proper Highlander!
I've never heard it put that way.. yet it does have a touch of 'war is hell' truth to it, doesnt it?

crazyharborc wrote:Gee, do those British Highlanders wear slips? Just wondering.
Ya just had to 'go there' didnt ya? :? :shock:

Though it does recall to mind the old song, John Denver (RIP) did a great version of, "the Scotsman" I think is the actual title.

And as for WF actually producing Highlanders, right off I think it would be Great! Also, it has been one of my long time interests to do my own "Highland Wars" game. Though I must admit, I just dont know if I could even come close to doing justice to painting the various kilts worn by the clans.
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