Numidian cavalry

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Numidian cavalry

Postby Eleven » 10 Aug 2014, 19:54

Is there any chance that numidian cavalry will ever be produced?

I realize of course that conversions are possible, but I hate converting and I especially hate using green stuff. This has to be my most wanted wgf kit.

This would really open the door for light cavalry in the Mediterranean.
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Re: Numidian cavalry

Postby Lord_Bryon » 11 Aug 2014, 07:59

I'd be down for 4 or 5 boxes myself.
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Re: Numidian cavalry

Postby Lonnie » 11 Aug 2014, 11:50

It is a kit that we've talked about doing in our planning sessions and, probably, should have been done before or around the same time as the Numidians (Ancient Light Infantry) on foot. It's still in the planning stages; there are other things we'd like to get out first.
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Re: Numidian cavalry

Postby steel91101 » 19 Aug 2014, 13:40

I would be in for Numidian Cav as well - 2-4 boxes.
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