WWII Brits anytime soon?

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Re: WWII Brits anytime soon?

Postby Lonnie » 29 Oct 2014, 12:11

Perhaps we should do a kickstarter ourselves for WWII British.
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Re: WWII Brits anytime soon?

Postby MrChipper » 29 Oct 2014, 22:39

Yeah, having KS these days isn't so much about the money but creating hype for your brand and "market researching" your ideas. With that in mind, I reckon WF could almost do rolling KS campaigns similar to Mantic. I know there hard work, but even one a year would be worth it for the raised profile it would bring.
You could work through the back log of sets that have been kicking around in the To Do pile for years (Modern infantry, rebels/terrorist etc) as there reasonably sure bets.

The WW2 range would be prime for that too. Maybe get some man portable support weapon kits on board too :)
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