Big box of Bits.

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Re: Big box of Bits.

Postby Templar22 » 02 Oct 2014, 17:12

Wouldn't mind an unfolded folding shovel.
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Re: Big box of Bits.

Postby Dibbler » 10 Nov 2014, 07:37

Woopsie, thought I'd answered here.

Unfolding folding shoved sounds awesome. Wonder if one could "fold" it with a hobby knife, as well ;)

Plastic indeed has it's uses. And who doesn't need more planks for the bits box? ;) Perhaps one of them could be stuck in mud, or the ground? Ready to put on a base.

I recently put together, and painted, a citadel forest. They paint up beatifully, but their plastic plates of leaves break of the tree if you look hard at them. I wonder if there is a better way to do that. Still, flocked model railroading trees are awesome, and soft! Drop them in with you terrain and I guess they would actually be a cushion for it xD

I wonder if a kit like this could be a "trench detailing and basing kit".
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