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Re: Space cowboys

Postby TheInsane » 03 Apr 2015, 20:57

THAT is a whole lot closer to space cowboy, in my mind. The word 'cowboy' in my mind brings to mind 'Wild West', and 19th Century America. Honestly, 'Space Cowboy', to me, wouldn't have to specifically be things that are thought of as stereotypically 'cowboy', but like I said earlier think along the lines of Firefly/Serenity. 19th Century style, for the most part, with, perhaps, some slight 'futurization'.

And, yeah, looking at it again, I guess it isn't a katana, but more like a samshir. Cavalry sabers should have a basket guard, or at least a D-guard, not just a plain cross-guard.
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Re: Space cowboys

Postby bvandewalker » 05 Apr 2015, 02:21

My personal opinion on Firefly is that it could have been.... better constructed and is a good example of why Joss Whedon should never work unsupervised :lol: .

How about we just take the classic cowboy gunslinger figures from the old “cowboys vs. Indians” bags and give them laser guns instead.



You are right it is not a standard army sword handle, but I have seen swords like labeled as ACW swords and there is a good reason for it;troops didn’t always carry the regulation US swords during the civil war, particularly in regards to officers (rank hath its privileges) and the confederates who would sometimes use imports for their swords. The sword in the picture is probably based one such import (I would say a French or Russian cav saber).
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