WW2 Support Weapons and Other Boxes

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Re: WW2 Support Weapons and Other Boxes

Postby Luoshangzhi » 04 Nov 2014, 00:36

Uh-oh... Rubicon has just released 1/56 (28mm) scale fast build plastic kits of assorted WW2 tanks, with more to follow:

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Re: WW2 Support Weapons and Other Boxes

Postby Strawhat » 04 Nov 2014, 11:47

Hmmm...I suppose I could use a Sherman or two...
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Re: WW2 Support Weapons and Other Boxes

Postby robbie038 » 05 Nov 2014, 04:13

if you could do Gebirgsjager , I would be a happy man.
they faught in almost every campaigne of the germans but no one makes them in plastic. and for a crete scenario you would need them
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Re: WW2 Support Weapons and Other Boxes

Postby dpike2 » 14 Nov 2014, 14:48

I would really like to see Soviet support and specialist packs.
The support pack could have: antitank rifles, flamethrowers, maxims, etc.
And the specialists could have: engineers with SMGs, body armor, and explosives as well as scouts with SMGs and scout snipers.
I am a huge fan of the Soviet infantry pack and can't wait for the line to be expanded!
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