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Postby Strawhat » 24 Feb 2016, 19:29

bvandewalker wrote:Also Strawhat saying that you can only love dragons if you know about this dubious and obscure "the number of claws on Asian dragon tells you what nation it come from" rule is an odd thing to state so vehemently given that we are talking about a fantastical category beasts that very so greatly in appearance that it is not by nation so much as by the story that the description changes even in Asia (and I say that as someone who has been studying dragons in earnest since childhood), it is sort of like saying you can only be a true sports fan if you know the difference between the cleats worn in rugby, football, and soccer based on the number spikes or shoe lace holes.

Uhh, I did not say that. I freely admitted that my knowledge was pretty limited. And if I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. But I would be far from the only person to be operating under an incorrect assumption.

I did say that if dragons aren't your thing I wouldn't expect you have heard that the toes were (allegedly) tied to the country of origin, but not "if you love dragons, you must know this." By the same rationale, if spicy foods are not your thing, I wouldn't expect you to regularly consume habanero. This doesn't mean that you must consume habanero to like spicy foods.

As far as any vehemence goes, blame the written word. I try to avoid vehemence on the internet--it just never seems to end well.
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