Simple WSS rules

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Simple WSS rules

Postby zedeyejoe » 21 Jun 2015, 16:01

These have been developed as one of the VVV team has an interest in WSS but as yet we have not been able to find a set which really hits the spot.

So as a little project we are working on a simple set, available to download here.

The starting point is the Die is Cast ancient rules, for element based figures. So battalions and squadrons are made up of 3 elements. Each element having a specific number of attack dice and number of hits that it can take. To encourage historical fighting in line, columns are horribly vulnerable with no attack dice and only take one hit per base to die.

Combat inflicts hits and if you get sufficient number of hits in a combat you can kill one a units elements. But normally hits are just there as a measure of who won the combat and any left over hits are removed at the end of each combat - so there is no bookkeeping.

Movement is with each player moving alternate brigades. With whole blocks of troops being able to be moved as one (like in the DBx system). Quality of commanders determines how many moves a brigade can make but units deployed in line can only make one move a turn. So approach in column but fight in line is the order of the day.

The rules allow for four classes of troops; Poor, Average, Veteran and Guard. Infantry are mostly Line but with an allowance for loose order foot. Infantry can be classified as 'shock' if they had a tendency to charge into combat. Pikes are in there if your army was still using them. Platoon firing is a slight bonus. Cavalry are split into normal and light.

The morale system has been drastically simplified and troops are either; OK, retiring or fleeing.

These are rules under development, so any input is welcomed.
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