Gaming with wargame factory models

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Gaming with wargame factory models

Postby Ultra 13 » 16 Mar 2014, 09:02

Hey everyone I'm a big fan of most of wargames model line but I'm having a hard time finding any skirmish games that I can use the apocalyptic figs I've been using the samurais for Ronin and we really like that so does anyone know of anything that's like that but post-apocalyptic or any other skirmish games that I should try thanks
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Re: Gaming with wargame factory models

Postby Big Nick » 16 Mar 2014, 10:00

All Things Zombie (ATZ) and This is not a test, both GREAT games for Zombie Apocalypse. For road-warrior style fighting between packs of survivors with NO zombies, I'd probably adapt bolt action WWII rules, using "partisans" for the civilians, and military stats for the military.

Force on Force by osprey might be interesting too, since those rules account for never-ending waves of "insurgents" and small numbers of VERY effective "elites".
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Re: Gaming with wargame factory models

Postby Mathyoo » 17 Mar 2014, 13:11

There are, out of my head, apart from mentioned:

7ombie TV from Crooked dice
No more room in hell from Iron Ivan games
Free rules available at Grekwood miniatures, I don't know the exact name
Dead Walk Again, free rules available on a yahoo group I think
Akula's AR:SE

And most certainly many others.
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Re: Gaming with wargame factory models

Postby JucaJunior » 20 Mar 2014, 10:03

You can try Bio Syndrome: Its free, looks beautiful, and have some interesting options and mechanics. Ah, and its free. :D
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Re: Gaming with wargame factory models

Postby bvandewalker » 16 Apr 2014, 19:49

Try going to Wargamer's Vault, they sell a large number of rule books for both skirmish and and larger scale battles. They also have a number of freebie rule sets being put out by various publishers. Here is a link to the main page:

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