Article on WGF in WI

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Article on WGF in WI

Postby Pumika » 26 Aug 2014, 07:49

Just read an article about Wargames Factory in the recent issue (#323) of Wargames Illustrated.
I already knew a bit about the "Chinese Connection", but now there's a name behind it and at least a few more details are reveiled. Daisy gives some background information on WGF, it's Chinese owner Wai Kee Hui and the American staff. Seems to be an interesting working environment with all elements (production, design, research, sales) being so decentralised. She doesn't mention any language barriers although I would assume they do exist? Now it would be nice to read something more about the digital designing and production process at WGF.
I didn't know that WGF also casts for other companies (besides DreamForge Games). And she does reveil that new Eisenkern releases will be out soon: Heavy Troopers and APCs! But that's about all knews we get regarding upcoming products. ACW Militia and Woddland Indians are mentioned, but the remaining two boxes of that range are kept secret. Nevertheless an interesting read. Thanks, Daisy!
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