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Re: 1/100 scale Armor Production

Postby Jack007 » 22 Jun 2015, 10:07

Just a quick FYI for those interested in this scale. After playing Bolt Action and since I love armored wargames, strongly looking into trying 'Tank War' by Warlord. But use 1/100 rather than the 'monster' 28's the game was made for. The models look great, but a bit 'silly' not too mention crowded. After all, practically 'nose to nose' and their only considered short range I understand.

So emailed PSC, sadly the do not have or plan to carry early war British, specifically the Valentine or Matilda II's I have been considering. They do however carry Zvezda's Matilda II, and from the T34 examples Ive seen here, they are a pretty good "Plan B" when it comes down to it.
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Re: 1/100 scale Armor Production

Postby mrinku » 22 Jun 2015, 17:48

Worth mentioning that Battlefront do their own line of plastics these days, though they are more expensive than Zvezda or PSC (but much cheaper than their own resin/metal - Battlefront *don't* do a GW in regards to charging the same price regardless). Battlefront do have the interesting gimmick of included rare earth magnets to adhere the turrets.

All the reviews I've seen say all three lines are good products. It's a reasonably competitive field, as the era and scale are popular enough to support multiple plastic manufacturers.
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Re: 1/100 scale Armor Production

Postby 1classybadger » 22 Jun 2015, 23:29

speaking from working with the battlefront minis (the vietnam american APC's for future disclosure) they are good products,
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