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Postby Jack007 » 23 Jul 2015, 17:08

I stumbled across these images just surfing for pics of Matrix APU's (walkers) and Hovercraft.
These photos are of the same Scratch Built model. On his blog site (which I excitedly forgot to note), the builder not only lists the size of the overall structure, a little over Two-Feet, but there are also some nice WIP shots he had taken along the way.
Clearly its the lighting effects that bring this hovercraft 'alive'.
This is really something, to say the least. It never ceases to amaze me at the detail some can get with sheer determination, dedication.. and "Just Keep At It" attitude.
Nebuchadnezzar 01.jpg

The 2nd is of course the same, simply taken in a well lit room, it lets you see the overall 'model' itself more clearly.
Nebuchadnezzar 02.jpg
He went on too say that usually he would not do a second of the same project, because after doing it once, 'the challenge is gone". However in the case of this, due to the response he got, and the number of people actually wanting to know if you buy this as a kit, he did build a second, but smaller at just over 16", and mounted on a diarama base. For the second project, the smaller (16 in.) Nebuchadnezzar, the hovercraft is mounted on a diarama base, in which it seems to be actually navigating the "old service and waste systems" (the sewers).

I had always wondered why (or at least hoped) that someone would have done a 3 -5 in. version of the hovercraft, or even better 2, one 'light' and one 'heavy' class so too speak. i.e. the Logos and the Nebuchadnezzar. I think some pretty interesting imagination games could have been built up around them or even a board game idea, 'get the red pill back to Zion, running the gauntlet avoiding or fighting thru the sentenials using various lines to allow for more variety to the game.

Though the Matrix didnt have much in the way of vehicles other than the Hovercraft and the APU's, you gotta admit, they were pretty cool~ 8-)
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Postby Lord_Bryon » 24 Jul 2015, 07:54

Nice find. Thank you for sharing
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